Marigny Manor House: About Us
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Timeless lodging near the Historic French Quarter…

This unique house in the charming historic Faubourg Marigny (“Mary-Knee”) is located just 5 blocks from the French Quarter.  The Marigny Manor House has been open to guests since November 2001.  In late 2014, the house was sold to Brian and Alvin, longtime residents and proud to call New Orleans home. This duo is undertaking the previous owners’ legacy and will continue to be opened for guests for many years to come.

The origin of the home is rooted in both history and romance, originally built by William Daniel Talboet as a Greek-Revival style cottage in 1848 as a gift to his new bride, on what was known at the time as Rue D’Amour (which translates into “street of love”). New Orleans was a booming city of 150,000 at the time.

In 2001, the inn underwent a total renovation to maintain the charm of its original architectural details: the period window glass, Spanish Cedar Shutters, heart of pine floors, cypress stairway and beautiful, pierced plaster ceiling moldings. Modern necessities such as central air conditioning, updated electrical and plumbing, and wireless Internet have been added for the convenience of the guests.

The Marigny Manor House has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior.

Previous owners: John Crew and Gil Rome

Current Owners and Inn-keepers:

Alvin Badillo & Brian Gorshe

Alvin and Brian moved to New Orleans in June 2005.   Alvin grew up in the island of Puerto Rico, and moved to Norfolk, VA in February 1996.  Brian was born in Wisconsin and joined the military at age 18.  He was stationed in Virginia Beach when Alvin and Brian met in 1997.

They wanted a place to retire that they could share with their friends and family. The Marigny Manor House fulfills this need, and we hope that their guests also get to share in that vision!

We have two cats and one dog.  They are amazing pets, yet not allowed in the guests rooms and guest common areas.

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