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See New Orleans with a Jazzy Pass

Rta 1 Day pass for $3.00

Jazzy Pass
Forget about bills and coins. Get in tune with the rhythm of New Orleans. Dip your Jazzy Pass into the fare machine on any RTA bus or streetcar, and you’re on your way. The Jazzy Pass is a card with a magnetic strip that lets you ride RTA buses and streetcars as much as you’d like during the period it is active. Here are some good reasons to buy a Jazzy Pass:
–You don’t need exact change.
–You don’t need transfers.
–Board quickly and find your seat.
–Hop on and off buses and streetcars whenever you wish.
–Save money when you ride a lot.
–Feel like a local (whether you are one or not)

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And if you have an IPhone or SMart phone, follow these directions to get the handy NORTA Mobile site to use while you are in town…..
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Mobile RTA provides easy access to this site from any Internet-enabled cell phone or smart phone, including iPhones, BlackBerries, and devices running Android. Just enter www.norta.com into your phone browser. The site works with all mobile browsers and will be formatted to fit your handheld screen.
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